A Dog’s Day in Nevada (bol {Barking Out Loud})

A friendly sniff of the butt to all you dogs out there. You may have noticed I do not post much this is because it is hard to type with paws, duh! Well the big dog volunteered to type for me and I get a bone when we are done!

Today was a good day in the desert, got to ride around in the back seat of my truck with the a/c on. Anyway funny dog story on the big dog – you won’t believe this. So we went to this place called Stewarts Point to check out some Boondocking sites. Well the big dog and Peg got off on a gravel road that really wasn’t much of a road at all. We came to this hill (steep hill) and big dog put it in 4 wheel drive (which made Peg very proud as she made him buy the option) and proceeded up the hill. Bark, bark, bark! Yep, bogged down, right at the top. Druel, Bark, Tail Wag! You should have seen the look on big dog’s face!!! Just like a tractor pull dead stop. So big dog put’s it in reverse. Bark, Snort, Tail Wag, lick my butt funny.  The Bronze Brute goes nowhere. Big dog gives it more gas and lucky for him it slowly backs down. Ears straight up listening to Peg let the big dog know how lucky he was she made him buy the 4 wheel drive option. We took it real easy from then on.

That’s all for now. Saves me from telling how I puked all over the back seat……

Your Katie Dog.

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