The Grand Staircase and Escalante National Monument

After some repairs to the Montana, our tour continues with the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monumental. We are in Escalante, Utah at the Canyons of Escalante RV Park a very nice well kept, well operated park with a great restaurant at the entrance. By the way this is the second park we have been to that has very good, free Wifi, sweet.

Peg and I took a tour up UT12 to Boulder then out Burr Trail through Long Canyon. Very interesting drive on 12 with some stretches on the top of mountain ridges with a drop of 100’s of feet on either side of the road, no berm, no guard rails. A lot of white knuckle time for Peg. Yes, of course this is the road we will be pulling the trailor up and over on our way to Green River (yikes).

Burr Trail was pretty and Long Canyon was beautiful. We stopped and walked into a slot canyon which was great fun. Lots of interesting rock formations. Today we are doing more exploring.

Pat and Diana would love this country; atv and 4 wheel roads everywhere with lots of kayaking on lakes and rivers. We will be sticking to the maintained roads and watching people kayak. There are a lot of backpacker camping trails and opportunities for scaling cliffs. This is not an area for the faint of heart or unskilled; though, as recently as April a hiker fell to his death.

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