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Saturday Peg, Katie, and I drove to the southern entrance of Canyon lands NP. By paved roads this is about 80 miles from the main entrance. It was great fun to drive by the entrance to Arches and see the hundreds of vehicles waiting in line to get in. Made us glad we went in the middle of the week and not on a holiday weekend. It was a fairly long trip down 191 to get to the south entrance; however, the ever changing scenery was good viewing. Like Kolub Canyon in Zion, few people make it to this part of the park. No big crowds even on Memorial Day weekend.

We stopped by the visitor center for Peg’s stamp and I checked out the maps of the four wheel roads in this area of the park. Due to the Park’s notations on the road conditions of the three open roads, I decided we would not head down any. One road was closed due to recent flood damage. We did go to Elephants Hill where we were turned around by a Park Ranger due to the area being overcrowded. It looked like maybe 50 cars to me, but we did what we were told. Enjoyed the rest of the scenic tour especially wooden shoe, which does look just like a big stone wooden shoe!

Heading back up 191 we took the turn off to Needles and Anticline overlooks. If you are ever out this way this is a must see. You walk out to the canyon rim and look out as far as the eye can see and a long way straight down. Island in the Sky Overlook was just barely visible off in the distance. Down below at the Anticline there were dozens of vehicles traveling along a dusty road and it was obvious some were having Memorial Day fun. There was also a mine of some type just across the Colorado River with beautiful blue ponds of some sort. Have no idea what they are mining but it is interesting to see.

The mine brings to mind the ongoing history of this part of Utah. For any who are interested in the stories, I highly recommend doing a Google search and spending a few hours checking out the history.

Lest I forget these are the first pictures taken with the new Nikon D7200. It is way cool to use and takes great pictures. Now I can set the camera up on a tripod, start up wireless and hook it into the Ipad or IPhone. This allows the Ipad and IPhone to see what the camera sees, to focus in on different areas of the scene, and to take the shot. No worrying about old hands shaking! Some of the photos are not as good as I would like but I am learning how to use the camera and this will take some time. Has a lot of new features the D80 never had. Yes the old D80 is being retired to Ebay.

Thanks to all who read this. Have a safe Memorial Day and take a few moments to remember those who have fallen in defense of our nation.

To Great Uncle Herold, thank you for your service and may you rest in peace.

Union City Times-Gazette, Wednesday, September 22, 1943

Herold Marting is killed in plane crash.

Herold F. Marting, 32, son of Mr. and Mrs. U. W. Marting of Farmland, was killed about 2 p. m. Monday in an airplane crash at Bishopville, S. C.

Mr. Marting was a lieutenant in the Royal Canadian air force but for the past several months had been employed by an airplane firm at Buffalo, N. Y.

Funeral services will be held Friday at 1 p. m. at the Farmland Christian church in charge of Dr. A. M. Thomas. The body will arrive in Farmland at 8:28 a. m. and be taken to the Thornburg funeral home where it will remain until time for the last rites.

It was thought that Lieutenant Marting was flying alone in the plane at the time. Details of the accident were not learned.

Lieutenant Marting was captured by the Germans after a forced landing in the desert and later escaped from them in Greece, making his way to Cairo, Egypt. He was in poor physical condition due to shortage of food and the long trip on foot through the mountains in Greece and returned to this country to recuperate.

While visiting in Indiana, he was married to Miss Margaret DeLong of Muncie and Peru. They made their home in Buffalo, N. Y. Recently a national magazine published his story of the escape from Greece.

The flier started on this last trip from Peru and flew over Farmland, circling his parent’s home. It is thought that his wife is visiting with her parents.

Besides the widow and parents, he is survived by a daughter, Marilyn Key; six sisters, Miss Lenore Marting of Indianapolis, Mrs. Clyde Moore of Farmland, Mrs. C. H. Halverstadt of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Mrs. L. M. Thomas of Jeffersonville, Mrs. Forest Bowen of Peru and Mrs. H. K. Harshman of Mt. Zion, Ill.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert DeLong, West Pearl street, Union City, are an uncle and aunt of the deceased.


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