Holiday Hills RV Park Coalville Utah

Hello from Holiday Hills campground 20 miles or so east of Park City or somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 miles from Salt Lake City. This is a very nice clean, well run campground just off I80. The Weber River runs along the north border of the park before making its way to Echo Reservoir. It is crystal clear and running rapidly this time of year, gives the area a very alpine feel. Saw an 18″ or so fish in the River, I presume a trout. Peg, Katie and I took a walk around today, photos above.

Yesterday we went to Park City to do some shopping. It was great to see the Olympic Ski Jumps and all the ski runs (absent snow). It is a bustling place even this time of year. I can’t imagine what it is like in the winter ski season. Of course, the highlight of the trip is travelling on I80. It twists and turns like a 3 year old laid it out on a chalkboard with 45 mph zones everywhere, it really is kind of daunting. As the driver, I didn’t get to take in much of the views because I was twisting my arms back and forth so often I really couldn’t take my eyes off the road.

Next week we are going to be taking in some of the Salt Lake City sights. If anyone has any suggestions, send them on.



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