Glacier NP on a cloudy day

Yes, Peg and I went to visit the snow again. Yesterday was a cool cloudy day with predicted clearing of the skies in the afternoon. So we left around lunch time and headed for the “Going to the sun road”. Which as it turns out was more like going to the clouds and rain road.

It has rained here in Kalispell off and on Sunday and Monday morning. This is of note because the rain and continuing rain on the mountains created stunning waterfalls coming down the mountains in torrents. It was surreal as we drove higher and the clouds began to swallow us up. Not many pictures, but quite an experience.

Some ways down from Logan Pass, we became totally incased in clouds. Visibility was near zero. The clouds were so dense that I could not really see the road, a lot of white knuckle time for Peg. I would have turned off into the Logan Pass parking lot, except I drove past it not being able to see it. It is probably a good thing we could not see the drop offs! We took the long way back.The pictures from the east side show the mountains wrapped in clouds. It was like they reached up and grabbed the clouds, hanging onto them just to show their power.

Today we plan to go back and see if we can get good pictures of the remaining glaciers. A park ranger said that most likely all the glaciers will be gone in 10 years or less. Anyway here are some of the pictures and I hope to share more later.


Glacier NP

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