Going to the Sun Road and Many Glaciers

Glacier NP July 2016

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and we took advantage of it to go over the Going to the Sun Road and take the side trip to Many Glacier. In the morning sun, it was a marvelous trip over and I took several images. There were several bicyclers out on the road and it was great to see people taking the challenge to climb over Logan Pass.

Ah, Logan Pass. Even though we hit it at about 9:30, the parking lot was full and the place was swarming with people. We decided to not stop as the parking lot was already getting tense due to the jam ups, etc. we missed it once due to weather and once due to overcrowding. I heartedly recommend to everyone who is coming here to plan on catching the park shuttle to be sure you get to visit Logan Pass and all the great overlooks. I, on the other hand, love driving the dually on narrow mountain roads with 500 ft. shear drop offs.

Many Glaciers was interesting as it is a different view of some of the glaciers. The old hotel is unique and the water falls spectacular. Like Logan Pass all the parking was already taken by the time we got there. I was a little disappointed in that there are several trails from road end up to some of the glaciers and had hoped to walk one. But there was just no where to park. The other thing is that there is little snow to see so it is hard to sort out left over snow drifts from glaciers.

Peg, Katie and I had a great day. We enjoyed seeing the great valleys carved out of the mountains by the glaciers of the past. Just wonderful waterfalls and great areas of wild flowers in full bloom.

This year’s adventure began in Apache Junction, AZ and couple of hundred miles from the Mexican Border and now has reached northern Montana less than 100 miles from Canada. Today we continue by heading west toward the Pacific Ocean. We will make a short stop with our Native American friends at the Coeur D’Alene to recharge our batteries, then hit the Northern Cascades National Park before moving on to Olympic.

Enjoy the photos on the link above.


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