Falls Creek Falls and the Collision of the Rivers

Falls Creek Falls is East on Oregon 138 towards Crater Lake. A really beautiful trail about a mile long with a 200 ft. climb, no stairs. Along the trail are big, big Sequoias and fir trees, moss, and rocks. Part of the trail goes through a crack in the rock just large enough to squeeze through. The water fall has an upper and lower section and is very pretty. I have to remind myself from time to time that this is the driest time of the year here so the water levels are very low. It would be great to be here in the late Spring when the water would be roaring over the rocks. At the Collision of the rivers, this is particularly true. Where the viewing spot was has been under as much as 5 feet of water in flood season. 

It was a fine day and we enjoyed the hike very much. Even though my right eye is improving ( Dr. released me with 4 more weeks of tapering off the prednisone drops ), I still have trouble interpretating what my eye sees. It sounds weird but that is as close as I can describe it. Not that I very was a good photographer, it is now more difficult form images. Anyway as usual I try to use quantity to overtake quality. Enjoy our walk to the falls. 


Falls Creek Falls

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