Redwoods National and State Parks

Our visit to the Redwoods was on a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Early in the day the Pacific coast was covered in fog but the first beach we came to was clear and I took Katie down to the waters edge to take some images of the waves breaking on the rocks. Katie had a great time making new people friends and exploring all the stuff that had washed up on the beach. After taking in the ocean we proceeded down the coast on 101 into the Redwoods.

The forest is just incredible. Big trees, very big trees. Not just big around but tall. Peg and I took side roads into the forest and were rewarded with a couple of trips through the trees that were so big as to humble me. I love forests, there is a calming and soothing feeling in the forest with the quiet, splashes of light, and the life that is all around you. The big Redwoods strengthen these feelings. Taking the F350 dually in between these behemoths was exhilarating and challenging, the pictures do not do justice to the adventure in the woods.

The other great part of the trip was seeing the herd of Elk. Rutting season is approaching so the alpha male is strenuously keeping his herd in order, letting no possible mate wander off and watching for potential rivals. It was fun to watch. I took too many pictures, but could not help myself. There was this big guy, the mature females, and a couple of generations of younger Elk.

It was a great day. I love this part of the country, great people, great landscapes, great memories. We will be back.


A Day in the Redwoods

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