Lassen Volcanic National Park

From Hat Creek, Ca to Lassen NP is a short trip through a large forest fire area and then into an active volcanic area. Very interesting features such as the cold bubbling up of gasses in a small lake and the very active mud pots nearby. The amount of volcanic activity in the Northwest has surprised me. The big volcanoes and Yellowstone are well known but Peg and I have come across many of these lesser known sites which serve as a reminder of how much geologic acitivity is still occurring across the west coast.

The Lassen Peak trail is a daunting challenge. 2000 feet climb in 2.5 miles, of course, this did not stop me! Peg wisely sat in the truck with Katie. The views were great and I made it up over half way. The next part of the trail was almost vertical and it was time to turn around. Going down was perhaps more difficult than climbing up but it was worth it.

Lassen last erupted in 1914, just a little over 100 years ago. This is evident in the rocky nature of the area and the felled trees on the ground still rotting away slowly. Between the volcano, mud pots, cold boiling springs, and mountain views it was well worth the stop.

Lassen Volcanic NP

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