Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado and Antelope Point Marina

We camped out in Page, Arizona just past the Glen Canyon Dam. The dam is impressive and very different than Hoover. Of course, Lake Powell was at 53% of capacity which leaves the big bathtub ring. Horseshoe Bend was a super view, if somewhat intimidating. To get to it required about a mile of hiking and when there to actually view the whole bend you had to walk out on loose sandstone with no guard rails. There were several boats in the river and if you look closely at one of the pictures you can see 4 outhouses on the bank.

We took in all the viewpoints of Lake Powell in the Page area and stopped to have lunch at Antelope Point Marina. You really get a feel for how low the lake is when you have to catch a ride on a golf cart to get up and down the ramp to the Marina. It was good to be on floating docks again and we had a great lunch at the restaurant. Recommend it if you are in the area.


Glen Canyon Dam Lake Powell

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