North and South Rims of the Grand Canyon, Navajo Bridge, and the Vermillion Cliffs

Our Grand Canyon visits were great! It was our first visit to the North Rim and it was spectacular. The views were wonderful with the weather being a bit cool at 9000 feet. We ate lunch in one of the picnic areas that we shared with a white tailed squirrel and a delightful Raven.

The South Rim was nice and very commercialized with large crowds of international visitors. I still managed to get a few pictures. On the road there we stopped at the Navajo Bridge across the Colorado and walked the old bridge out over the middle of the river. An interesting find was lock out tags on the railing in the middle of the bridge with names and dates of deceased bridge jumpers. A stark warning not to take the tempting leap. We also stopped at the Vermillion Cliffs at a road side look out that had great views of the valley.

Certainly a couple of fine days.


Grand Canyon

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