This post is well past its expiration date due to lousy internet and phone connections combined with the activities surrounding the sale of Koala-T-Time; however, do not let that take away from the majesty of Yosemite. We were there in the dry season and with the 6 year drought ongoing, the waterfalls were more like cliffs.

Bridal Falls was cool. The wind was blowing straight into the cliffs backing the water up causing it to plummet over in bursts of spray. The views were breath taking and we had fun walking a couple of the trails.

The park was packed. Mostly visitors from around the world which always adds to the fun and excitement. The Park Service deserves kudos for the bus systems they run. It is easy to find a remote place to park and catch a shuttle to almost anywhere in the park. I would sure like to go back in the early summer when water is flowing at peak rates.






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