Brooke’s Recital and Balloon Glow Festival at San Tan Village

Saturday morning Peg and I went to Brooke’s dance class recital at the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center. This is a very nice theater and it was great to see the kids of all ages performing in front of an audience of approximately 300 people. Brooke did very good. Later in the evening we went to the Balloon Glow Festival at San Tan Village. Great fun with lots of close up contact with hot air balloons. Then we made a trip to an ice cream parlor named Sammies that makes homemade ice cream sandwiches. Big chocolate chip cookies with wonderful homemade ice cream in between and little chocolate chips on the side. Great stuff.

There were a lot of lighting festivals, parades, and street shows this past weekend all over the area. Fun to see the holiday spirit coming out in the desert.


Brooke Recital



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