Gawl Bladder and Me

Well, it is gawl bladder day forcing upon me the difficult but required need to have “The Talk” with Gawl Bladder. You know that talk about “changing priorities, resource reallocation, and organizational fit”. Yes Gawl Bladder we are moving on without you.

There was total denial that Gawl’s stone collection was any problem. He could give up collecting, he said. Oh and he went on, “stones don’t really mean that much to me”, so on and so forth. It was quite a sight to watch Gawl worm around the rocky relationship he had created. Trying to crawl back into the good graces of Pancreas and Stomach by ejecting much bile. It was all I could do to stifle their laughter and all the organs broke down into shouting “Lock him up!, Lock Him Up!” In fact, all this tumult has caused a major expulsion of gas from Colon. Oh Gawd save me.

Much to my shame I used the big lie on Gawl. It felt like the thing to do in this age of the big lie. “Gawl”, I said, “your stones are going to a better place on a beautiful farm way out in the country that has a small babbling brook full of smooth river stones. Your stones will be so happy living by the babbling brook stones.” Gawl seemed to come around a little. “What about me?” “Well”, I said with calm voice, “I asked the Surgeon to let me have you in a jar after your deportation from Abdomen”.

Gawl caused a general disturbance of all the organs, including a Heart flutter, by jumping up and down like a puppy asking “What did he say, what did he say, come on tell me, what did he say?” “Jeez”, the Liver snickered. I tried to let Gawl down easy by telling him the surgeon will let us know later. Gawl calmed down after this and seemed resigned to his fate.¬†Here’s hoping the Surgeon snaps him out quickly before he can stir up any more commotion amongst the rest of the organs.

I gotta run (no really gotta go). Time for deportation, ah sweet sedation………


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