Moundsville, West Virginia

Sunday Laura, Sarah, Nikki and I went to Moundsville, West Virgina to tour the famous prison and Grave Creek Indian Burial Mound. It was a great time. Doing time there was to be avoided at all costs. The conditions were miserable for the inmates and guards which led to the Supreme Court to rule that being imprisoned there was “cruel and unusual punishment”. The prison was closed for good in 1995 after being in use for 129 years. Although the facility is no longer used as a prison, there is ongoing training for police, homeland security and other agencies plus the site has been used in several movies, TV shows and special programming. The Grave Creek Mound looks very interesting and there is a picture of it. The site is closed on Sundays causing us to miss out on touring the museum and mound.

This was a nice family day out. I enjoyed it greatly and finally got to see Laura and Nikki in their natural surroundings – behind bars!!!



Moundsville West Virginia

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