Scout’s First Training Day

Wow! Growing up is so much fun! This has been such a great week. On the potty training front, I almost made it through two whole days without peeing in the RV. And then, well stuff happens, but I almost have it. Did you know that these things big dogs wear called shorts are just the right height to bite into and hang on. Yes what a ride! Oh yes the big dog complains, but I know he really likes it when he hears that ripping sound.

Wednesday was vet day. I love Caring Critters, they take such good care of me. Weighed in at 17.2 pounds! Growing, growing, growing! I feel so buff. Thursday was shower day. The big dog and I get to spend some time in the water together and I like it a lot. Shampoo and conditioner makes my coat so soft. The big dog tells me the ladies will like better when I am clean and smell good. Don’t know what he is talking about ’cause he rattles on like that sometimes.

Friday was training day. First day at school at Pet Services in Gold Canyon. What a great place! Got to run all over and this really nice lady bave me treats until I couldn’t eat anymore. I did so much stuff, what fun. And the big dog and Peg learned a bunch. We have homework with lots of treats to come.

Well thats about all for this week. Take it easy out there, its a dogs world and i got it.


Scouts First Training Day

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