Scout – 11 Weeks Old

Hello everyone! Time flies when you are a puppy! 11 weeks seems like so long but the time has gone so quickly. I now go up and down the RV entry stairs by myself, which helps the big dog and Peg out since it feels like I have put on some more pounds. For some reason everybody says things like “Oh my, look at the size of his paws! He’s going to be a big one.” Not sure what they mean but my paws are awesome, as is all the rest of me!

This week we all have been working on commands, sit, down, come, and stay. Pretty much got them all except stay. You will note the big dog is typing my blog still. Sorry but i still piddle in the house occasionally, damn. I like going for walks except for noises, but I am getting more confident all the time. I have met all these wonderful people here in the RV park. And other dogs. So cool.

Last night it rained and made some terrible sounds and lights outside. The big dog said it was a thunderstorm with thunder and lightening. I found a safe place to hide and fell asleep. This morning when I went for a walk I found these things called mud puddles and are they great to lay in and splash around. Wow! The big dog says that when I am a little older he will find a lake and throw me in!! So looking forward to that.

So far it looks like I am making progress at growing up. All i know is it sure is fun having two humans to rule over. Check out the images the big dog took, check out them paws!!

Scout at 11 weeks


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