Scout at 3 Months Old



Wow, three months! It has been such a blast, I have learned so much and gotten so big. The big dawg says this is like a 1/3 of a year (really beginning to worry about him, I mean even I know its a quarter of a year!). Pretty much have the potty training thing in paw. Go to the door when I want to go out or sometimes bark loudly at the big dawg when I have to poop bad. Keep meeting more and more people which is great ’cause they all like me.

I am almost able to jump on the couch all by myself and have figured out where the screen door handle is, just can’t figure out how to open it yet. Give me another week and I will be free!!! I like going crazy in the RV running as fast as I can around the kitchen island and jumping on my bear buddy. Still like eating rocks which causes fingers to be stuck in my mouth to scrape then out. Yuck! Really like taking my weekly shower with the big dawg. You wouldn’t believe all the crap that washes off that guy! Makes me wonder what kinda stuff he is getting into while I am napping.

We all have been working on my commands and this is pretty dodgy right now. Sometimes I obey and sometimes I just blow them off. I may not get a very good grade in school Saturday, will claim the big dawg ate my homework! Yeah that will work.

So this week coming up will be exciting. Payton is visiting Friday and Saturday and school is Saturday. Whoa! Busy day. I go to the vet for more shots and a check up. Which reminds me, a little curious about this talk I overheard about the best time to fix Scout. Now mind you, I don’t think there is anything broken about me, so I am wondering what this means? Time to sniff it out with some of the neighbor dogs. Will let you know what I find out.

Everyone have a barking good week.



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