Scout Week 13

Hey out there, Scout here. Wow, another busy week! I have been so good at potty training the big dawg says he might start me on keyboard training. That will be super ’cause it is so hard to dictate all this stuff to him. He should get a dictionary you know what i mean?

This was training week. We went to Gold Canyon Pet Services on Saturday and took Payton along. It was cold (for Arizona) and there was a little rain. Didn’t deter me though. Yep decided to show my obstinate side. Even refused to eat treats. Just felt like I had to show these people who was in charge, and it ain’t them! Once everyone was straightened out we did work on focus, come, sit, down and stay. Hit or miss all session. I told the big dawg that we didn’t work enough on the homework, now we have tons more! Hope we get our act together soon. I did enjoy play time with Payton, running like crazy straight through the tunnel and over the hurdles. At the end I surprised everyone by going up the ramp and walking across the balance beam all by myself! Didn’t know it was such a big deal until everyone was rubbing my ears and telling how good I was.

News flash on the “fixing Scout” thing. I sniffed it out with some of the neighbor dogs and it seems this “fixing” stuff happens a lot. It sounds like for us guys, our “nuts” get fixed by removal. I don’t think I will be very fixed by having missing parts. And what the hell are nuts anyway? Today we went to Dr. Z so I asked her about it. She said most definitely it will be an improvement for me. She didn’t sound real convincing though. The big dawg said to stop worrying about it, it was just going to happen. Get over it. Ugh!

Speaking of Dr. Z, all is well with me (of course). Weighed in at 27.2 pounds and was just as cute as could be. Got shots and flea and tick killer stuff. Had a good time showing off for Dr. Z, she is so nice.

Well this is all for this week. Feeling tired from my shot and am going to lay down to nap. You all have a barking good week and watch for me to be typing on my own!!! Oh and a link to pictures below.

Scout week 13



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