Scout at 15 weeks

Hello again! Well as you know we are a little behind on our posting but we hope to make up for it with lots of good stuff! The Big Dawg is typing for me even though I have been practicing my typing on the IPad. Paws are just too big and clumsy to go it alone yet, but I look cool trying!


The Big Dawg was laid up Saturday so Peg took me to training. We had a good time and bonded a lot. I decided to obey her commands and show off for the trainer. I did all my commands plus did 30 seconds of stay for Peg. Arf, Arf, Bark and a tail wag. All this good behaviour got me graduated to the regular puppy class. Now I will have other dogs training with me! Oh the peer pressure!! I have been doing good for the Big Dawg too!

And oh man! I got to go on what the Big Dawg called a “road trip”! We picked up Payton, Dee, and Jen and rode for 2 hours out to a place called Quartzite. We parked in the desert and walked up to a big tent that smelled of the best food!!! “(again all I got was dog food). I had so much fun with the people in the tent. I got petted, called handsome, and dozens of people took my picture. There was “that” talk of my big feet. I am beginning to think that maybe there is something wrong with them. Maybe Dr. Z can fix them next week when she fixes my other parts! Check out some of the pics!

Scout at Quartzite



Other exciting things for me were getting my first case of diarea. Quite unpleasant to say the least. So I stayed close to home for a couple days, drinking Vanilla flavored Kaopectate. I love this stuff! It tastes so great I lick the cup dry and beg for more. And it works, plugs me right up. Also found out that not all dogs at the Bark Park are, shall we say playful. Yep, some big ol’ Beagle bit me on the head just ’cause I was sniffing his face! The Big Dawg said you could hear me crying on the other side of Pheonix. Which is a kind of exageration, I think. Ok I squeeled like a pig and ran at least 30 yards squeeling as loud as I could. When the Big Dawg finally stopped laughing and came rescued me, I was bleeding!! Well, seeping a little blood. Ok there was a pink spot by my ear! All I can say is thank gawd for modern medicine. A little hydrogen peroxide and alcohol wipe and I am good as new.

Well this is it for this week. Next week the Big Dawg says I will be a new man. Just wait, I will fill you in on all (and I mean ALL) the details.


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