Scout “Fixed” Oh, Oh, Oh My!

Oh, this just doesn’t seem right! Jeez, I lost my nutz and they gave me this stupid cone! I look like a prisoner. I’ve tried to be a good dog, learned to come, sit, down, etc. I even walk like Peg wants me to walk. I thought the BIg Dawg was my buddy, my friend but no all the other dogs were right! You can’t trust’em when it comes to your private parts. I told the Big Dawg that if he messed with my privates Hell would freeze over and look we had two days in a row of 60 degree temps with cold rain and drizzle in Arizona. Hah! Just the beginning, locusts are next…

One up side to this stupid cone is that it is an excellent battering ram and noise maker. It works well as a gravel scoop outside, which is fine for flinging rocks at people who want to know what happened to poor Scout. This morning I figured out how to get it off all by myself and had a lick fest where my privates used to be. The Big Dawg was not happy to wake up from his nap and find me free of this contraption. He slapped it right back on and informed me that licking my incision would upset Dr. Z and maybe she will find more parts to remove! I am resigned to being a nutless cone head, oh the shame of it all.

A note from the Big Dawg: Scout is doing very well, surgery went smoothly, and he seems to be pain free now. If good progress continues, Monday he will loose the cone and get his adult shots. This will allow him access to the dog parks and other dog friendly places. He will be happy.

Oh by the way, he weighed 36 pounds. All muscle, of course.


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