Scout at 18 Weeks

Arf! Arf! Look the Kone of Shame is in the dust bin of history and recently recycled! What a relief. Now have all my shots and weigh a mighty 43.8 lbs and adding muscle all the time. It is really arfantastic to be able to run and play in the Bark Park. Now I have new friends, Raven, Raven, Layla, Zoe, Jake, Noel, Piper, Gwen, Bently, Bitty, and so many more!

Bark, bark, bark! Yes, if I bark at night the Big Dawg will come get me out of my home (cage) and take me out. It is great fun. I like to wait until 2am, it so cool. When the Big Dawg is napping it is so much fun to get right is his face a bark until he gets up and takes me out. When he is napping he forgets how many times I wake him up, so I get to go out a lot. I go out so much sometimes that I have to fake pee!!! ARF, ARF, ARF. OMG it is fun to be a puppy.

Other recent things I have learned to do include getting in the truck by myself. This is really a good thing ’cause I don’t think the Big Dawg will be able to lift me very much longer. We recently visited Payton and Elliott and Brooke visited too. Great fun had by all! I arfed my way into the hot tub and took a swim for the first time ever! Later took a little dash in the shallow end of the pool. Man I love the water!

The Big Dawg and I still take showers together; however, since I am growing up he doesn’t seem to have much room. I guess he will have to start taking showers by himself soon. I will miss him, he does such a nice job of getting the water temp just right for me.

Well I am going to move on now. It is almost lunch time and then the after lunch nap.

Cya soon,


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