Sedona for Pizza and Ice Cream

Thursday night Rob called and invited us on a road trip to Sedona. Peg and I quickly accepted. Pia was kind enough to watch Scout and we took off Friday morning. Rob drove the F350 up to Sedona. It was a super spring day and very pleasant to walk the streets doing some window shopping and taking in the atmosphere. We stopped for wood fired pizza, which was super. Sedona was very busy as this was Spring Break for many of the schools in the Pheonix area.

We reached one end of the main drag, crossed the street to find the ice cream place. There was a long line for home made ice cream and it was worth it! Managed to not buy any 3$ Mexican blankets for $9 dollars and felt like it was a successful trip. Elliott and Brooke had a great time and so did Grandma and Grandpa.

Now we can say we have been to Sedona. The red rock canyons are pretty. The shopping district was clean and well maintained with plenty of traffic control. I would go back to Sedona for the ice cream. Enjoy the pictures.


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