Luke Days at Luke AFB – What an Air Show!

Luke Days Air Show was held March 17 and 18 this year. The Carters, Dumblauskas’s, and Harshmans attended on Saturday the 17th. Laura stayed home with the three dogs, Raven, Layla, and Scout. By all accounts, everyone had a blast.

Kudos to Luke AFB for putting on an outstanding air show! It was us and 200,000 of our closest friends watching WWII war birds, Daredevil biplanes, stunt flyers, USAF F15, USAF F22 and the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels were the high light of the show; however, the F22 was very interesting to watch. The F22 with its stealth capabilites and paint scheme was almost impossible to image, so the reader will find only a couple of pictures in the mix.

The grand kids had a great time. Dee took Elliott and Payton on the tour of the C5A. This is one huge airplane. The tour included the cockpit and crew living quarters. Very impressive. When you get on the flight deck it is easy to imagine flying around the world, in air refueling, sleeping, taking your turn on duty, let the imagination take off.

The Blue Angels put on a superb show that did not dissapoint in any way. The precision flying is hard to describe adequately. And the noise, whoa!!! Wheels down upside down, one atop the other! Flying head on at each other at 700 mph, roll to the left, roll to the right and they are gone! Smoke and the loudest noise from full afterburner thrust! Four, five, and six plane formation flying, just feet apart close to the speed of sound, then up, up and starburst! Scatter to all directions, reform and buzz the crowd! Ears ringing, heart pounding proud to be an American fun.

What a day. And did I mention some of the Blue Angels mingled in the crowd signing autographs and having fun with the folks. This is an air show to be seen. Everyone had a good time. Should you ever get the chance it is worth your time to take in this show.

Enjoy the pictures. This link is to all the photos from Luke days. I am breaking out the Blue Angels images so they will be a slide show. This will be posted when I get it done :). View this a slideshow, sit back and enjoy.

Luke Days

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