Scout – Entering the Teenage Months

Bark! Arf! Spit out another puppy tooth! Chase my tail and run around like a crazy dog! Yup, teenager. Put everything I learned in the back fur, ’cause who needs it?? Scout (me) is King of the World!!!

Who me???

Didn’t do it, don’t know nuthin’ bout it. Just look in my eyes, yes, deeply in my eyes….

Been to visit Raven and Layla at Laura’s house. What a riot! Really a dog riot! We played all day and look, Laura caught us in a circle butt sniff. Oh wow what a day!Scout Raven Layla

And swimming! Did I arf/barkk to you about swimming?!? Nooo, well, pools are like round holes of heaven. When I get my webbed feet paddling along, I cruise with the best of them. Trounce the Big Dawg!! Howl, Arf, Bark and spit out another puppy tooth (like how many of these things can there be?? Must be a mouthful (arf arf punn incended).


What an arfing good day, me, Payton and The Big Dawg swimmin’ in Uncle Dee’s pool. Hey Payton in case you read this, didn’t know it was a bad dog to pee in the pool. Maybe you can swim around it?

Not much is happin’ here. Almost all my dog buddies up and left. Got know clue why. The Big Dawg says it is migration time for the humans. I guess they all flock to the incenerstate highway going north for the summer to some place like Minestrysocial or Mitchagian. Anyway the Big Dawg says he is taking us all up to see the snow (somebody clue me in on this snow stuff) next month. Wonder if there are snow pools made up of snow water to swim in? Almost forgot with all the humans leaving we had a Beetopia arrive.

Thousands and thousands (more than I can count on my paws) swarmed the palm tree nest door. Bees are so cool and tasty! They buzz all around and try to scare me off, works. Yes indeed scared, but they do taste good. Check out the picures at this link.

WN Beetopia!!

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