Happy 6 Month Birthday Scout

Arf, arf, bark, wag my tail and happy 6 month birthday to me! From this size to me as Flying Scout. Scout12222017


So much to sniff around about. First all my puppy teath are gone, whoopee! The Big Dawg seemed to have a problem with my last two. They were the sharp, needle like canines. Arf arf, could punch a hole in a beer can with those two! The right one punched a hole in the Big Dawgs right arm which caused the Big Dawg to fly into a fit of puppy tooth pulling rage. Oh Jeez, the big deal he made out of a little blood dripping on the sofa, an maybe the floor, some in the water thing maybe. One big yank and the Big Dawg had a trophy tooth! Fooled him though I kept the left puppy canine!! Hah, bark bark and bit him again a couple days later; however, I was on to the tooth pulling thing. Hate to tell you this, but the Big Dawg just can’t keep up with me anymore, arf, arf! All he got was one little pull and off I went. Fooled’em all and swallowed it. Hah, another victory for puppyhood.

The Big Dawg says we are on a summer road trip to Oregon. Seems like this means a lot of being in the Bronze Brute listening to something called Classic Vinyl. Memories of the Bronze Brute, of how they come charging back. Used to be that I could curl up on the center console and get my ears rubbed, now my feet are on the cooler on the back floor with only my head and paws on the console. Yuck. So arfing unconfortable it makes me belch a lot. The Big Dawg thought this was funny until I puked up lunch on Peg. Arf arf and bark attention for you young pups out there, a quick pointer on owner relations. Do not puke on the Big Dawg’s Peg! No don’t do it. Really!!

It is good to be on a road trip out of the desert. The street was getting oh so hot. Tried to stay on the gravel or concrete. Now I have found this stuff called grass! Wow green and cool to the touch and fun to pee on. Our first night on the road trip was at this place called Goulished RV Resort. Great place where I discorvered Iris flowers, love at first sniff. Bark, arf, a real tail wagger, Iris’s every where! Oh yes, met Parker a Golden like me. He is old but likes to play like me. Trolled him by doing everything he did. He was really good to me and I hope to meet a lot of new friends this summer.

Now we have left Monoserment Valley and find ourselves on the Arkansas River in Colorado. So this is how I spent my 6 month birtday. Rode in the Bronze Brute for 8 hours fighting for my console space, walking around the park when we got here, then spending two hours alone while the Big Dawg and Peg went to a steak place for dinner. Must have been a nice celebration ’cause I got a couple of pieces of bacon! Real bacon. What a day, think it is time to stop counting these birthday’s….

Another great discovery today was rain! Never new water came down like this! What fun! The Big Dawg says sometimes rain freezes into to snow on the way down from the clouds. The Big Dawg seems real disappointed ’cause this rain was supposed to be snow. Oh well, I guess. He has to understand there is snow all around to look at, does it really need to snow on us?

Nap time!



Waking up is just so much more beautiful in some places than others


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