Summer 2018

2018 map

This is the plan for summer 2018. Our goal is to spend about three months in Oregon or thereabouts. Peg and I enjoyed our time in Oregon in 2016 and have thought of returning for a longer visit for some time. In 2016 we were on a march through the Western National Parks for the Centennial and found several places to return to. The trip this year is very relaxed with one week to one month stays for the most part. There are some overnighters like Monument Valley thrown in where it is longer than we like between stays. Overall we will travel 4400 miles.

The map above was generated using a nice trip planning tool closely associated with Rv trip review is the most valuable campground review tool I use, so it was a natural to use rvtripwizard. The trip map was downloaded to Google Map then cut and pasted to this page. The trip is firmed up until we leave Oregon September 25th. After that, I am sure there will be changes. Of course, changes just happen so stay tuned.

The first day out was a long 360 miles north to Monument Valley, Utah. We stayed at Gouldings RV Resort, which is a large destination resort where famous actors like John Wayne stayed while filming in the area. The campground was immaculate, well laid out, clean and secure. Sunrise was absolutely stunning. There are some places you wake up in that are beautiful and worth the journey. Scout and I had a nice walk about in the early morning hours taking a few pictures and enjoying the Iris’s planted everywhere.

MV Utah Gouldings RV Resort

Tuesday was another 360 mile jaunt through the Monument Valley, across southern Colorado and up the San Juan Valley to Salida. The trip was very pretty. The scenery just kept on coming all day. Farms, ranches, open range and small towns. People were on the road already, RV’rs like us (not many!), bicycle groups, and biker groups. Mules shared the road with us as did a cow or two and a few horses. This is open range country and you have to drive with care. This is off season for Salida, in between Ski season and summer Arkansas River rafting, trail riding, and bicycling. While it is early spring with the trees just budding out, we saw several long distance bicyclers riding the roads with their camping gear pedalling up to 7000 feet. I cheered them on from my drivers heated and air conditioned seat in the Bronze Brute listening to classic vinyl cruising along at 60 mph.

From the long range forecast, snow was to be falling yesterday and today. I was really wanting to be in snow again; however, it was rain at our elevation (even at a cool 33 degrees this morning). A new layer was deposited on the mountain tops around us. Maybe I will have better luck in a couple of weeks from now at Pia’s!

The Four Seasons RV Resort is on the Arkansas River just north of Salida. This is an old park under going remodeling. Dog wood trees just blooming, buds are everywhere, and the grass is still brown for the most part. Tomorrow will bring a sunny warm day and we plan to tour the historic downtown and take in other sights.

Until then, thanks for reading!


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