Salida Colorado and Four Seasons RV Park

Salida is our first stop in Colorado. We are surrounded by 14000 feet high Rocky Mountains and camping on the Arkansas River headwaters. Salida is a pretty town located on the banks of the Arkansas River. The river has a kayak run and picturesque views. The downtown walk is interesting and reminded me of some of the small historic towns in Wisconsin, friendly people with a bar or two on every block.

This area has a big winter sky season and summer ATV/hiking/rafting season. Brown Canyon National Monument begins on the outskirts of town and is accessible by ATV and four wheel drive vehicles. Rafting and Kayaking galore. This is a new Monument that is really left in a wild state. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is about 100 miles west. Some of the tallest mountains in the Rocky Mountain Range are easily seen and snow topped this time of year.

At the park, the river was ever changing with people floating down stream, fishing (catch and release only), and wild life galore. Scout and I were surprised by two very big deers right out our door early one morning. Scout and the female deer had a stare down. Scout wisely looked around and led us in the opposite direction. A lot of construction going on in this park, which is good to see because this is a unique little campground with a lot of history and deserves to carry on.

If you are ever in Salida for dinner, stop at Quincy’s Steak and Spirit. This is a local chain that serves only one menu per day. Monday through Thursday it is Fillet Mignon. It is the best! Comes with loaded baked potato and a lettuce wedge for $15! Friday and Saturday are prime rib days. Don’t miss it!

On our walk through of down town we found Floyd’s Barbershop. It brought back memories of Glen and Fred’s Floyd so took a couple of pictures to share. We had a good time in Salida and am sharing some pictures linked below.




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