Doggy Day Care Hangover, Oh My Scout!!

Erp. Erowwwh. Ohhhh, why? Sure make new doggy friends, the Big Dawg said. Play a little it will do you good. Arf, arf and tail wag sounded good to me. No one told me it was like 10 hours of unfettered running, jumping, chasing, being chased, oh my and all the butt sniffing! Totally lost all control. Played, played,and played until I dropped. How do you stop with so many dogs to sniff?

Urghhhh, erp, why so much? What fresh hell is this? Oh the pain, do I really have a muscle there? I should have stopped to think, but what do I know I’m just a teenager. Ohh, the hurt. Thought maybe some breakfast would help, oh no puke it up. The Big Dawg asked, “Did Scout have a good time?” You betcha Big Dawg, now clean this up. Puke, retch, arf, retch. So much for breakfast. Oh, oh, oh I gotta go lay down in the shower next to the drain, just in case. Doggy day care, who knew??


Scout would like to give a special thanks to DogJax of Jackson, Wyoming ( for providing a wonderful facility and great staff for his first doggy day care day. Even though he overdid it and had a long day of recovery, it was worth every minute and he is ready to go at it again, well, almost..


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