Sea Ling Fan

Arf! Bark! Bark! Arf! Tail wag, swoosh, swoosh. Scout here my friends. Lick, lick oops where has this tung been? Hah, oh well go figure. Have I ever been barking busy growing up. The Big Dawg says I am timid around new things and does the LOL thing on me a lot. I beg (a lot and tail wag too) to differ with him, there are a lot of things to be cautious about when you are a puppy, even a big puppy. For example, take the sea ling fan.


This monster four bladed piece of evil that sits quietly up there on the sea ling, staring down on me, sometimes moving…not sure why. Oh the torment. I keep an eye on it should one day it come after me. It will I know it will!!! Some times it moves around slowly, sometimes faster, sometimes it is still for hours. Always over my head. Tormenting me! Don’t know how the Big Dawg can stand it, just don’t. If I could just jump that high, that sea ling fan would be a chew toy for sure. Keeping an eye on it for sure.

This thing is almost as much a worry as those damned winn sealed wiffers on my truck (the Bronze Brute). If I could only get I could get out of that stupid safety harness those wiffers would be yesterday’s poop bag! Ahh, I wag on about these things. But you see there are a lot of things to worry about. Oh and now that I am watching the sea ling fan there are other things on the sea ling. Oh gawd how to waddle on? I think the Big Dawg is right I need a little sister to protect me.

Peg and the Big Dawg took me back to La Grande Hot Springs RV Park for a while cause of smoke and fire. I love it there. The big open field with my friend the garbage truck. What a wonderful thing to park in the dog field, how thoughtful. Dripping oil and grease and the occasional paper towel, what fun it is to sniff up and taste. It is really big so I worry about it some. Mostly use it to drive the Big Dawg nuts. He hates it when I find a greasy old paper towel and start eating it! Arf, arf, and roll over on it! Play keep away until I am tired of the smelly old thing. Cats are here too. They are a standoffish couple of fur balls. Not sure about cats. The only thing going for them is they killed a snake one morning and were dragging it all over the street. So proud of themselves they were. The cats went missing after that. Hmmm.

We went to a street fisitful in Union, Oregon. Lots of great people dropping little tidbits and morsels for me to eat. There was a fire truck spraying water all over the street, oh my. But wait, down by the library the Big Dawg found a spot to walk to the river! Flowing water, what a thing. He walked right out in it. I was not too sure about that, as he has these mintil lashes (Peg says so) every now and then. The river didn’t bite him so I walked right in like I owned it because I have found it is best to be bold. Oh, wow! This is a new thing I like. Bark, Bark, and tail wags. When I stuck my snout under the water and opened my mouth the current filled up my cheeks like a balloon! Oh, what fun. Gotta git my own river.

Now we are camping right on the bank of a river at Casey’s Riverfront RV Park. The Big Dawg and I wade into the rushing waters and I do my happy dance and happy dance and happy dance until I am soaked. I drink the river water and it tastes so good (but it seems to be a tummy upsetter 😩). The best news is that the next campground is on a river too! And then the ohshen. The Big Dawg says the ohshen water is different and I won’t like to drink it, we will see. Arf, arf for sure. Chasing sticks in the river, swimming. Life is wonderful.

Off to dinner now and teeth brushing time. Love my towth brush. I will be keeping a close eye on sea ling fan so no one has to worry about it getting loose.  Tail wag to you all!


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