Silver City New Mexico – Whitewater Canyon Cat Walk Trail

Our 2019 travels begin at Silver City, New Mexico with our first stop at the Silver City KOA. Silver City is about 6000 feet up with the cool mountain desert climate. This is where the Continental Divide trail begins (or ends, I guess) just a couple of miles outside town. This is Silver, Gold and Copper mining country. There are big open cut mines all around us and a rich history of mining going back to the 1880’s. Our first side trip takes us back to the “old” days of Whitewater Canyon about an hour north on US 180.

The weather was absolutely perfect today, sunny in the low 70’s with scattered clouds. Our journey followed US 180 to Glenwood where we turned onto the Cat Walk Road which took us to the Catwalk National Recreation Trail. The Apache Geronimo hid out here as did Butch Cassidy before the miners took over. This is a nice park with picnic tables, water, and easy access to the river. The trail is listed as 1.1 miles; however there is ongoing construction about halfway which is not passible by the casual hiker. I would rate the trail moderate as it does climb up some. The trail is asphalt and concrete for the most part and the catwalks are steel and easily walked on with multiple rest stops. We had a fine time and Scout was in Golden Retriever heaven with a fast flowing river to play in. If you are ever in the area, this is a must see and do.

Enjoy the pictures!


Scout at Whitewater Canyon NM

Scout loves rivers!

Whitewater Canyon Cat Walks Album





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