Day in Springfield with Lincoln

Our day began with the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum complex in downtown Springfield, traversing New Salem State Park and ending at the Lincoln Tomb. August 22 was a very pleasant day with sunny skies and cooler temperatures making for a very nice walk through Lincoln’s history.

The Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum are worth the visit. Situated in downtown Springfield with plenty of parking and a lot of stores, bars and restaurants in the area as well as the old State Capitol building. The museum is wonderfully done with beautiful exhibits and films. It was interesting to see how at lot of the language used in today’s speech is like the language used then to defend slavery and how outrageous the printed political ads were. All things Lincoln were for sale in the very large and nicely presented souvenir shop.

After having artfully maneuvered our way through the gift shop without buying anything, we made our way out to New Salem. The museum is nice and shows how life was in 1820’s Illinois. Lincoln’s time here is very interesting and of great importance in his life. This is where he learned law and became involved in local politics. The structures are replicas of the orginals built in the 1930’s with the exception of one home that is original to the site. The layout gives a good picture of how it must have been to live there. Although, it is hard to imagine what it must have been like to survive an Illinois winter in those log homes! Peg and I spent a good part of the afternoon enjoying the park then back to Springfield to visit the tomb.

Lincoln’s Tomb is a very impressive structure and well done. Walking through the interior to the vault draws respect and somber feelings. It is easy to forget amid the majesty of the monument now run by the Department of the Interior that it was private citizens who thought to remember and honor Lincoln by spending their funds, time and energy to create this site.

It was a good day well spent. Being downtown around the Old Capitol brought back fond memories of 11 years ago almost to the day that I stood there watching Barack Obama introduce Joe Biden as his VP. A very memorable day of a much better time in America. Its been awhile since I last posted and I hope to be posting more regularly in the future including catching up with some of our trip this Spring. Also, stay tuned for upcoming changes!! Yes Peg and I are evolving after 5 years of full-time RV’ing we are planning new things! Watch for the evolution.

Enjoy the pictures.


Springfield and Lincoln

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