Alaska 2020 Coronavirus and Scout

Life is constant change. We all know this in our heart even though sometimes we cling to the past or refuse to accept what is placed squarely in our view. The last year has been filled with life’s changes for me. At the age of 71 coping with life changes is not easy. However by the start of 2020 it looked like there were more positive changes ahead than negative. Then came Covid-19.

By the end of January the Alaska 2020 trip in our new Winnebago View looked to be a go and I started making reservations along our planned route. Actually most of the trip was booked from April 15 through October 1. Our new Ranger arrived in late February just as Covid-19 was coming to the forefront. In fact we drove it down to Tucson for a week at Lazy Daze as we took in a softball tournament with the Wiegands and their family watching Ally pitch for Illinois Weslyan University. The virus was a topic of discussion  but we pushed ahead with having the Ranger all set up as a towed vehicle and attached to the Winnebago. Yes sir all ready to go.1710F44E-F015-42FB-AE45-66322DD0E47D_1_105_cAs the Covid-19 crises became more urgent it was apparent that traveling in Canada this Spring was going to be problematic. In fact, British Columbia emailed me confirming the closing of the Provincial Parks through to 1 May and beyond. While assessing all this Scout ruptured a tendon on his left hind leg that will require mid-April surgery with recovery time. I caved facing this tsunami of challenges and cancelled all of Alaska 2020 except for the September Washington State portions. Thinking that travel may be easier then.

I think that most of us are still absorbing the impact of the pandemic. Life has changed. Last year the changes in my life (the death of my sister Ann) were very personal causing much grief and pain. This year the changes in life impact us all, making them easier to share and hopefully more understandable as time passes. These are very difficult times for many people and there are many dark clouds on the horizon for the rest of us. Being full time RV folks Peg and I have grown to be pretty flexible folks and roll with the punches in a timely fashion. We do not know what is going to happen; however, we do know what our status is at the moment and we are ok.

We are staying in Apache Junction through to at least May 1 so that Scout can have surgery and recovery time. Once he is released we will assess our travel plans. It would be difficult to stay here through the Summer in our Montana, it just does not do well in 115 degree heat. If we have to we will make that option work. Hopefully, we will be able to travel north in May or June, perhaps being able to use those Washington reservations. It will be what it is.

On a different note. We have been social distancing and using wipes, etc. Trying to do our part. We have have broken out a couple of times. Last weekend we took a trip up to Fish Creek Vista passing through Tortilla Flats. There were still a lot of people out and social distancing was not really in practice. Some of the pictures from that trip are surrealistic compared to how people are acting today.

This Saturday we traveled up to Roosevelt Lake. The traffic was light for a beautiful Saturday. All the parks were closed, most of the restaurants were closed; however, there were boats out on the lake and the parking lots at Walmart and Fry’s were busy. No pictures were taken on this trip. It is notable that life goes on, it is simply different now.

I wish good health to all.



Tortilla Flats and Fish Creek Vista





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