April 15, 2020

Today, besides being the original income tax filing day, was the day our Alaska trip was to have started. Like so many Americans all our plans have been changed by Covid-19. As noted earlier, reservations were cancelled in late March when it became apparent that travel in Canada was already looking impossible and the US was becoming problematic. As it happened, we would have been stopped from traveling anyway by Scout’s injury and impending surgery. As the virus situation has unfolded, staying here at Weaver’s Needle looks like the thing to do anyway. Instead of pictures of northern Arizona, southern Utah and so forth, I am forced to create a different blog this season that is flexible, respectful of physical distancing and peppered with face masks.

Weaver’s Needle is a great over winter RV park located in eastern Apache Junction close to the Superstition Mountains. Peg and I have been coming here for 5 years now and find this place to be a comfortable winter home. The campground has very good facilities with solid management and great location. The park begins to fill up in November reaching a peak population in January and February. The folks here are from Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Michigan, Canada and a smattering of other states. The park housing consists of a large contingent of park models followed by fifth wheels and trailers. This is a 55+ park and I estimate the average age is in the 70’s. During the season there are multiple activities organized by the park along with many informal activities such as hiking, bike trips, off road adventures, horse back riding, etc.

In a normal season, folks begin to filter out in March and by the end of April the park is close to its permanent resident level of 20 or 30 folks. This year Covid-19 first drove the Canadians home in Mid-March. They were followed by most of the people who are still actively engaged in farming and needed to be home for spring planting and couldn’t find themselves quarantined here. Frankly, there were plenty who left early out of fear and uncertainty. A natural understandable reaction to the near panic that was seen around things like toilet paper. Now there are people still in residence here by choice who have delayed traveling for a variety of reasons including the impacts of Covid-19.

Arizona is under restrictions imposed by the Governor similar to most states with a more relaxed attitude to outdoor activities as long as they are less than 10 people and social distancing is observed. Weaver’s Needle has responded to this by taking appropriate actions that include closing the halls, pool, and community areas. We have sort of socially isolated as a community, small gatherings inside the park and limiting activities outside the park. To my knowledge no one in the park has had Covid-19.

Given these conditions, Peg and I have had three break out day trips, a handful of us have taken bike trips and we continue to play cards a few nights a week. Easter Sunday was a family affair at Jen and Dee’s new house (less than 10 people). We had several containers of stuff that Jen had stored for us and with her move they were placed in our new shed. Some of these containers have a lot of pictures in them, including 58 24mm APS negative rolls. I mention this as these are being transferred to digital. Sort of a new hobby. As I get them done and grouped I may post some of them.

This is life right now. Friday Scout goes to the surgeon in Gilbert. The expectation is that surgery will be performed on his right hind knee; however, that is entirely dependent on circumstances Friday morning. I will post an update over the week end. In the meantime, links to some of the break outs, bike rides and general desert images follow.




Sedona breakout

Tortilla Flats Breakout

Queen Creek Wash Trail

Indian Head Trail

Desert Flowers

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