What it’s Monday?

Scout’s surgery went well and he is on the long road to recovery. Peg and I picked him up at 10 am Saturday. Honestly, we have spent the weekend getting used to the new routine of medication, cold packs and occasional short walks with Scout to pee. Scout’s recovery time is 8 weeks or until the week of June 15th. Just another layer to the new reality.

This season we have set up our Weaver’s Needle lot as a winter retreat with parking the Montana on jacks for stability, installing a new shed, a ton (or two, whew!) of concrete pavers, weber grill, patio table and a cactus river garden. Recently added Wyze cameras for security and now that we will be here for a while other projects are being formulated. Below are some images of the homestead.

This week will see the leaving of most of our close winter neighbors for their summer phomes. Pia Valar left for Wyoming this morning with others following later this week. We wish them all safe and healthy travels with the hope that none of them are going back to Covid-19 outbreaks in their communities. With oil prices going negaive this morning, gas and diesel should be cheap. By the way how does that work? You fill up at Pilot and they add cash to your credit card? Something to think about. Big oil paying us to take their oil…lol.

Peg and I are observing social distancing and using face masks out in public places. Of course, this is Arizona. At the local Fry’s Saturday evening, I was surprised to see most of the shoppers and employees without face masks and definitely not practicing social distancing. Outside on the front walk the overnight crowd of homeless people were claiming their spots and not observing any of the rules. I think it says something about us all that Fry’s has an armed uniformed police officer patroling the paper aisle while at the same time letting the homeless crowd onto the pavement by the entrances with their employees taking smoke breaks close by. I think shopping on line and having home delivery is the way to go. Definetly.

Life here, in the Weaver’s Needle bubble as I call it, continues at a slow and relaxed pace. Peg attends women’s morning coffee at one neighbor or the others place and we both play cards. For me it is poker a couple of nights a week although as soon as we have a departure or two that will be done until November. I see a handful of people out and about walking or bicycling the streets. The Weaver’s Needle Bubble term I use is not derogitory or demeaning in any way. Quite the opposite as the park allows us to practice social distancing and control of the folks who enter and the interactions we have. There have been no confirmed Covid-19 cases in the park, as far as I know.

Peg and I have no planned breakouts as of now. I think that a family bike trip is in the works; however, everything is flexible. With mother nature turning up the temps later on this week, the north looks inviting. I suppose a lot depends on the State and National parks figuring out how to open. It is reported that Texas is opening their State Parks soon and I would imagine Arizona will follow suit. We will leave the heat as soon as we can.

In the meantime, Scout is relaxing at my feet, Peg is inside in the air conditioning (even though the high today is only in the mid-80’s, the inside of the Montana is like a pizza oven with out the a/c) and I am ready to start transfering more of the old negatives to digital images. Started with 28 rolls and now am down to 15, a nice slow pace for sure. After that I will take a look at the three large containers of actual pictures to see what the plan will be. With Ann’s 900 or so I set up the camera and took images, but it looks like there are thousands that Peg and I have . Yikes!! Anyone who is interested can look at my images on Flicr. I make just about everything public, please like any that you find particularly good. There are 33000 images here https://www.flickr.com/photos/sjharshman/.

Below are links to desert/cactus flowers, a cute bee if you can find it and other stuff for your entertainment.



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