The Hundreds

Hey, look. It’s sunny and 100 in the desert. The air conditioner kicked on at 8am sharp and will run until 10 pm tonight for sure. These temps are a bit excessive for this time of year and Sunday we are under an excessive heat warning with temps pushing 110. It looks like it will cool down a little next week before the 100’s become the norm for the next 4 months. Being the desert, it is a dry heat (LOL) so just getting is some shade makes the temps bearable. Since we will be here or in the vicinity for the next 7 weeks, I am starting to look at adding some shade to the campsite, maybe a sail type.

Weaver’s Needle continues on with the facilities closed or on altered hours. While inconvenient, it is surely helping keep us safe. Peg and I have a neighbor who did a good job cutting our hair. Making our patio a barber shop with face masks, social distancing and all was a new thing that went well. Evening cards are the normal; however, the poker guys will be done by the end of the week as most are leaving before the 1st of May. It is of note that on my weekly trip to the True Value Hardware (where they really miss Scout) most of the employees and customers were wearing face masks. Businesses that can, are now adapting to the Covid-19 restrictions with shields and protective gear. Drive up, drive thru and delivery seem to be keeping a lot of places going. It is hard to gauge how severe the economic impact in Apache Junction is as the season really ends in April any way. A large number of small shops here needed to make enough money by the end of March to get them through to November or they were in trouble, regardless. Although, there are places closed now that most likely will never reopen.

It looks like the “stay at home” efforts in Arizona have helped to mitigate the spread of the virus. Case rates here are running at the 5 to 7% per day increase which is on the low side compared to the country as a whole. The notable exception is the Indian reservations in the northeast and east of the state where the impact is quite severe. It is unclear to me the impact Covid-19 will have on our travel plans. When Scout gets to week 3 we may look at taking some short trips to get out of the heat. Although, one thing that is certain is that all roads out of here travel through hot spots right now so I am not sure where we would go. We will see what it looks like week to week. Of more interest to most of you is our little fur baby, Scout.

This is his sad look from his spot in the shed. Despite his look, Scout is doing well. He would much rather be in his spot under the Montana where he has all the rocks and dirt arranged to his liking, but the desert can’t get into his wound. The bruising and swelling on his leg is gone. He is eating well again and the potty routine is stabilizing. Pain meds and sedatives are only as needed and we are about complete with the antibiotics. The cone of shame is still a regular part of life; however, his urge to lick his wound is winding down.

He has grown to really like having me lift up his back half with his sling. Scout will patiently wait by the door for me to get the sling under him. He will stop half way down the stairs just to be sure his butt is up in the air, if it is not to his liking I get that look. A doggy ramp will be here today or Monday which will make the stairs much easier for him. We are working hard to make sure his recovery continues on track. He so wants to play and say hi to all his people friends. This week is still confined to 5 minute walks and limited movement.

Peg and I wish good health to all our friends who have gone home to Covid-19 hot spots in states like Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and South Dakota. Stay safe we want to see you in the fall.


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