Itasca State Park

We have  migrated to Bemidji, MN. Kinda a spur of the moment decision with the idea to escape the heat and keep retreating from Covid. Covid is making for an ever changing environment depending on where you are located. There are dine in restaurants open here that are abiding by the 6ft distancing and face masks. The employees of all the businesses I have been in are wearing face masks and so are something like 60% of the customers. The attitude toward face masks here is a marked improvement from Iowa. In Iowa there were folks who looked at face mask wearers like they were some form of alien enemy, here it just seems to be accepted. This is a fluid and rapidly changing situation across the country with Covid and it could be that the whole of public opinion is changing toward masks. I hope so and we shall see.

Itasca State Park is a nice place with Lake Itasca forming the tributary that is the headwaters of the Mississippi River. It is really good to see Scout getting stronger every day and beginning to return to his old self. Scout and I took the first opportunity to wade into the river and it was deep enough for him to swim. He was so happy. At the headwaters he made lots of new friends in and out of the water. We waded up and down the river until he called it a day.

These are some images of the park and river. A big shout out to Peg for taking many of these images. AAANNND, Jeez I almost forgot!! Peg backed Gracie in and parked her in our campsite! An excellent job that I couldn’t have done better.



Itasca State Park and Mississippi Headwaters

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