Turtle River State Park North Dakota

Turtle River State Park is a hardwood forest with the Turtle river running through it. Lots of trails through the woods and a great campground. Just 14 miles west of Grand Forks and a couple miles from Grand Forks Air Force base makes this a good location with shopping and restaurants to do distant. A CCC 1930’s creation it reminds me of a Spitler Woods State Park where I grew up only much larger.

Scout and I took to the trails in the morning before the humidity and temperature were too high although both caught up to us before we got back to camp. We got to see the river, lots of chipmunks and one deer as well as the forest itself. Great trails and a wonderful nature walk.

The area around us is suffering from a lot of flooding. Earlier this week as much as 10″ of rain fell in a short time causing the Red River to flood all over the place. Continued rain today and tomorrow adds to the problem. We are in a good place today and hoping that the roads out of here are open Monday as we continue to mosey on West. No hurry please.

Note the last two images of Scout crashed out in exhaustion include a baby chipmunk cuddling up to his stomach. You have to zoom to see the little creature. Scout was so out of it he didn’t even notice. I was worried about him in the heat and humidity, we stopped at the visitors center and got a couple of bottles if cold water and rested for close to an hour. Scout got soaked in cold water and drank quite a bit. He still looked sad. He did enjoy the A/C at home.

Happy 4th of July!




Turtle River State Park

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