Sakakawea Lake is huge. Garrison dam is impressive and the East Totten Trail Campground is a welcome change of pace. This is a Core of Engineers campground only recently re-opened due to the Covid-19 disease. Our site was a back in right up to the lake shore with power only, a picnic table and fire ring. As a note, we experienced our first really severe thunderstorm and wind event overnight of our last day there. I think that it is fair to say that being in a 26ft. C class on the shore of a lake in 60 mph wind gusts with lightening and heavy rain is not comfortable. Of course, having a very concerned 100 pound Scout decide he was safer sleeping in your bed than his doesn’t raise the comfort level at all.

Garrison is the nearest town and is filled with arts and crafts stores and museums. Nearby is the Audubon Wildlife sanctuary on Lake Audubon. The visitors center was closed but we were able to drive the tour route along the lake and found it very pleasant. The dam was completed in 1954 with President Eisenhower coming to dedicate the project in 1956. At the time this was the largest packed earth dam in the world. The lake backs up from western North Dakota all the way into eastern Montana on the Missouri River.

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East Totten Trail Campground

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