Sundance Wyoming and the Black Hills

Mountain View RV Park in Sundance, Wyoming is a gem. Clean, well run with a nice pool and fully remodeled bathrooms and showers. Easy access to Devil’s Tower and the Black Hills via the west side roads. A bit of a drive from Rapid City it is nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of that side of the Hills.

Downtown Sundance has Museums, bars and restaurants. Peg and I ate at the Longhorn an couple of and enjoyed excellent food and service. Taking US 14 out of Sundance to Wy 24 puts you at Devils Tower in short order. I was a little surprised at how busy it was there, lots of families with kids having a great time. Taking US 14 south put us in Spearfish Canyon on a very busy Saturday. The big deal there was a tornado had gone straight down the canyon and the devastation to the trees was incredible. A lot of the trails were still closed due to storm damage. Scout found a small backhoe on a trail and thought he should own it. No keys were in it so we were saved having to tow one more thing.

Custer State Park is wonderful as usual. The day we drove through all the buffalo and donkeys were off somewhere out of site. It was strange compared to our previous visits where the animals crowded the roads and mules begged for food. We could gotten off the main road and searched them out I am sure. However; we really wanted to drive the Needles Highway for the first time in 30 some years so we kept on going. The Needles highway is well worth the drive and we found the tunnels to still be as narrow as we remembered. I took a few pictures and we had a good day.

Covid has not impacted this part of the US as much as some other places; however, places like Walmart and the campground require face masks to enter and  compliance is getting better. Frankly, I think most people are trying to do the right thing and are becoming much more accepting than just two weeks ago. At the campground you see most everyone practicing social distancing and face masks are required to enter the office. People of my age are in compliance almost 90% of the time now. The folks with young families are the ones that haven’t come to a conclusion about how to conduct themselves. This is understandable given all the misinformation out about children but you do see more and more face mask compliance among this age group. I imagine that where schools get up and running with uniform rules and common education that all the kids and parents will adopt a common stance on face masks and other rules.

Sundance is a fond memory and we wish everyone there good health.


Sundance and the Black Hills

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