Sitting Bull Falls New Mexico

Saturday Laura, Peg, Scout and I took the trip out into the Chihuahuan Desert to Sitting Bull Falls. This is a great spot with good parking, restroom facilities and picnic pavillions. There were very nice park hosts on site to collect the $5 fee and share advice and guidance. After a short paved walk we arrived at the falls, which at this time of year are diminished some. Deep pools have been formed at the base that hold crystal clear water.

Scout saw the people in the water and was off to enjoy a splash or two for himself. Scout always has such a wonderful time. You can see him swimming with an unknown friend while cooling in the spring fed waters. He and I had to take a small trail to another part of the falls because, he saw a trail. Scout loves trails and thinks all of them were made for him.

It was a wonderful day out and all had a good time. Laura was a wonderful host and played Mom to us old farts, spoiling us with hot breakfasts and well cooked evening meals. Laura took us to a couple of wonderful local cafe’s with great food. It was a wonderful visit with Laura. Lots of old times and catching up in general. I hope we can do this again soon.

As always, enjoy the images.



Sitting Bull Falls

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