It’s Been Awhile

Blame it on Covid. Why not? Frankly, the journal/diary program never was a strong suit. Daily, even weekly, writing has been a struggle despite good intentions. And this has been a Covid 18 months. Yes excuses all of it so let us pick up with June 2021.

This summer started out the same as last summer with the wait on medical clearance to travel for me, Peg or Scout. For Peg and I it was the lingering after effects of our January Covid hospitalization and recovery. We are both doing well now; although, I have lingering mental and physical issues that are abating slowly. Scout has had a hard Spring and Summer. His right knee failed and had to be rebuilt. This resulted in the usual 8 week healing process and final surgical clearance. Scout’s medical journey continued on through the end of July with an abscess, broken stitches and stomach illness. Even he seems to be good now (I know there are 3 Vets scattered across the West and upper Midwest who are doing well!!).

Our trip began with a journey to Half Moon Bay, CA. Half Moon RV Park and Campground is where we stayed while visiting my daughter Laura, Nathan and grand daughter Nikki. Escaping the 110 degree heat was a bonus as on the Pacific Coast the temps were from the low 50’s to the upper 60’s. I took Scout on the trail out to the Half Moon Bay Beach so he could swim in his “Specific” ocean again. As you can see, he had a good time.

Scout at Half Moon Bay Beach Pacific Ocean Coast

We took a trip down Highway 1 stopping at Pidgin Point Lighthouse on the way to the boardwalk at Santa Cruz. It was super and a great time. Nice to see laid back California living at its best. While there Ethan helped find a couple of bike stores there where I was able to get the rest of the parts needed to rebuild my Trek Allant 7+. Another story for another time; however this is why I needed parts.

We had a wonderful time. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderful English Pub at the campground. Great food and atmosphere. Laura, Ethan and Nikki were excellent hosts and made for a great experience.

Our fun got caught up short with the emergence of Scout’s left hind leg abscess. It was apparent by the evening of July 6 that he needed veterinarian attention. We found Lenity Vets in San Mateo and spent most of the evening there in the parking lot waiting to see what was to be done. Honestly, I thought it would be a flush and clean with meds to go. The emergency vet said she could see his TPLO plate through the abscess and that he needed to see the surgeon in the morning. He remained for the night on intravenous antibiotics, etc. The surgeon was firm that the plate had to come out so we said to go ahead. This laid the groundwork for our traveling Vet experience with Scout. And bonus, we now have a very expensive metal paper weight.

Scout Left Hind Leg Post Surgery.

Enjoy the attached images.

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