Scout and Steve – Epic Walkabout

Friday July 15, 2022 Scout and I decide to take the camera for a long walk. Generally, we walk to Sport Haven Beach then along Boat Basin 2 through the fish processing plant onto the Boardwalk past Boat Basin 1 and around Zola’s. On this beautiful day we headed up to US 101 across the bridge where we stopped at the Botanical Gardens. This is a well done display of the area’s natural plants and Scout found it a great place to sniff all the different plants.

Up the road to town we took several pictures to capture the look and feel of the downtown area; although, this walk only covered the first third of downtown along 101. From downtown we walked on out to Chetco Point. The views here are spectacular. This is the 3rd time visiting this park and like the previous visits the wind was very strong and cold. As you walk down the path that goes to the rocky outcroppings the land on either side of the path becomes cliffs and the wind is strong enough to blow you over. Once out on the tops facing the Pacific Ocean and Pelican Bay the views are well worth the effort. At the lowest point on the asphalt path is a gravel trail to the beach which leads to great views of the ocean.

Back up into town we stopped by the Curry County Democrats office. A nice lady and her German Shepard greeted us with water for Scout and a good hour of political discussion for me. I misplaced her name and ask for forgiveness. It was good for my soul to touch base with my political roots. From there we wandered back over the bridge and down to Zola’s. Zola’s has a dog area where Scout and I sat down for beer and water. Peg joined us for a late lunch and a couple of more beers and live music capping off a 6 mile walkabout with an elevation gain of approximately 260 feet at a moderate pace.

That is the story that goes with the pictures below. As always enjoy and if there are images you would like prints or other photo displays, please drop me an email with your contact information at

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