Reflection on the Saturday Primaries

The Saturday Primaries yielded the predicted results; however, some of the candidates comments afterward were interesting. For the Republicans, Trump continued to show his new softer image following the family fest victory speech Saturday night.

While Cruz and Rubio danced around interesting questions and stuck to the narrative that the Party Est. will rally around them on Super Tuesday, Trump took the “I’m Presidential material” path. Conciliatory, family oriented, and on CNN with Jake Tapper, down right progressive. He stated more than once that his medical plan will not leave “people dying in the streets”. He is beginning to shape his message against the Dems in the fall.

The Dems need to pay attention to what Trump is saying. He is aiming to rebuild the old Reagan Democrat coalition. By co-opting some of the progressive agenda on economic issues and tying in Republican social values he is beginning to work on forming a constituency of middle of the road Republicans, independents, and conservative Democrats. This is something to watch going forward.

HRC and Bernie, essentially, tied in Nevada (a couple of delegates difference between them). Continuing a pattern of underperformance by HRC and meeting expectations by Bernie. Hilliary looked Presidential and is stating the issues with a more leftward lean  which is becoming on her. Bernie continues to look like the cat that swallowed the bird, stating he is not a single issue candidate, then re-iterating his talking points about his single issue economic message. And not to be forgotten the Nevada caucus demonstrated once again the total waste of time caucus’s are. (especially, in a state where you can vote in both caucuses).

The thing that stands out to me is that Trump seems to be fundamentally changing the Republican Party. He is certainly bringing in a group of voters who are extremely loyal to him and think his going to Washington with a wrecking ball is a great idea regardless of the crazy things he says. I fear for the fate of the Democrat Party and the US.

Of course, this political season is far from over. Things are very much up in the air. However, H is really going to have to sharpen her skills, show she can bring in the independents, and bring along Bernie’s army in order to defeat Trump. Bernie is going to have to up his game and build the revolution he is talking about to carry the day against H. Who would run best against Trump? Hard to figure, I will wait to see what the March voters have to say.

Stayed tuned we have a lot more fun ahead of us over the next ten days.


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