Doggy Day Care Hangover, Oh My Scout!!

Erp. Erowwwh. Ohhhh, why? Sure make new doggy friends, the Big Dawg said. Play a little it will do you good. Arf, arf and tail wag sounded good to me. No one told me it was like 10 hours of unfettered running, jumping, chasing, being chased, oh my and all the butt sniffing! Totally lost all control. Played, played,and played until I dropped. How do you stop with so many dogs to sniff?

Urghhhh, erp, why so much? What fresh hell is this? Oh the pain, do I really have a muscle there? I should have stopped to think, but what do I know I’m just a teenager. Ohh, the hurt. Thought maybe some breakfast would help, oh no puke it up. The Big Dawg asked, “Did Scout have a good time?” You betcha Big Dawg, now clean this up. Puke, retch, arf, retch. So much for breakfast. Oh, oh, oh I gotta go lay down in the shower next to the drain, just in case. Doggy day care, who knew??


Scout would like to give a special thanks to DogJax of Jackson, Wyoming ( for providing a wonderful facility and great staff for his first doggy day care day. Even though he overdid it and had a long day of recovery, it was worth every minute and he is ready to go at it again, well, almost..


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Silt to Craig Colorado

The trip to Craig from Silt was an enjoyable journey up Colorado 13. This route travels through West-Central Colorado providing great mountain views and a look at the working landscape of the state. Ranches, farms, oil and gas fields, coal mines and one very large coal fired generating station, working Colorado. Craig is a city of approximately 9500 folks who share the western ranching culture of round ups and hunting with the extraction industry of coal, oil, and the occasional gold nugget.

Forty miles east of Craig is Steamboat Springs home of all sorts of winter sports. Ski runs are everywhere and include the only ski jump facility of its type in the US. Hot springs for year around fun and rafting, hiking, for the summer. Twenty miles to the west is the Sand Wash Basin Horse Management Area with the 8120 foot Outlook Mountain. Beautiful wild horses in abundance on some 155000 acres. Very interesting country with down to earth friendly people.

Our visit to Steamboat was great. The city was in all its springtime glory with the downtown streets adorned with blooming white dogwood trees and flowers everywhere. Much nicer than Aspen, I think. The ski runs and Yampas River provide the backdrop for a community with an international flavor. Peg and I were there to see Fish Creek Falls.

The falls are on Forest Service land and has interconnecting trails to several other places in the region. While we were there, Forest Service employees and volunteers were doing Spring maintenance, removing dangerous trees and maintaining the trails. I made sure to thank them for their work. The falls are excellent. The creek is running full with snow melt which makes the falls splendid!

Fish Creek Falls

We had a good day in Steamboat and I would recommend it for any season, for any reason.

Peg had a real desire to see wild horses. Some of our Weavers Needle friends have been here and suggested a visit to Sand Wash Basin. Peg said we would be on remote gravel roads, so I was all for it. Doing the wise thing for change we filled up the Bronze Brute in Craig on the way west to Sand Wash, this turned out to be a very wise thing as there is nothing, absolutely nothing out there except open land, horses, and two other travelers (one was the “Plant Lady”???) the other looked lost.

The horses are really neat. My expectations were to see some starving old nags hanging around begging from passers by (see our Custer State Park buffaloe and burro pictures from a couple of years ago). But no! Big beautiful healthy horses in the open range. There are approximatley 450 currently in the carefully managed herd.

Sand Wash HMA Two Horses

The best thing was Outlook Mountain! When I saw the road off in the distance, I knew that was the road to take! Yes indeed, about 2000 feet up a dirt road. Wow!Road to the top of Outlook Mountain

I could tell Peg had reservations but Scout was all for it. We followed the gravel road to where the road sign pointed to Outlook Mountain just a few miles up the dirt road. I put the Bronze Brute into four wheel drive and took off. What a trip. Loose dirt and sand road with some damn near vertical sections, some hair pin curves that I am sure left one dually wheel hanging over the edge and a superb view from 8120 feet. Took some interesting pictures of leichen (sp) and the surrounding views. Also, found a triangulation marker from 1937. You may note that Peg stayed in the truck, she was frozen in thought and trying to absorb the recent trip up the mountain. At least she got to see wild horses. It was a great day and good fun.

The Craig KOA is ok. New owners who have only been here for two weeks or so recently from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. These folks are working very hard on restoring the park and adding new features. Great service and Peg and I wish them much success. We have enjoyed very good cable television as trees blocked satellite tv, and reasonable WiFi. From here you can see the coal mine off in the distance. The mine has taken quite a lot off the top of the mountains and reportably there is between 25 and 30 years of coal mining left up there. However; the coal fired power plant that uses the coal will start closing down in 2022 and be out of service in 2025. The power plant has great distribution access, including to the SRP in Pheonix, so perhaps solar or wind can be installed on the site.

Should be obvious that we are enjoying our Colorado journey and look forward to coming back one day. Monday we head to Flaming Gorge, Utah on our way to Pia’s in Wyoming. Links to pictures are below.

Thanks for reading – don’t forget to like us!


Fish Creek

Sand Wash HMA


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Glenwood Canyon Pedestrian T

Tuesday morning bright and early, I drove to West Trailhead of the Glenwood Canyon Trail. This is a 14.4 mile concrete trail that follows I 70 through Glenwood Canyon along the Colorado River. This is an incredible trail. It is relatively flat with only a couple of steep places with the total rise being about 900 feet over the 14 miles. As an aside, it may just be me, but the visual perspective on several portion of the ride is that you are going downhill even though you are riding up the river. It can be disorientating. How can you go down as you go up?

The ride is really interesting, starting at the rest area at exit 119 you drop down to the trail and quickly find yourself riding along with cars, busses, semi’s, trains and the river through one awesome canyon. The imagination, engineering and construction that went into this marvel is very impressive. Each of the I 70 rest areas in the canyon are on the trail so even if you can’t take in the whole trail you can easily walk sections and it is worth it!

My ride began early in the morning so there were not very many people on the trail and I had it to myself almost to Hanging Lake, where I met a fine gentleman named John. We had a nice conversation at the rest area. He volunteers for Histori Corps rebuilding historical structures. He is working on the parks north of Denver. He took a break for lunch as I forged on upriver and he later zipped past me on his way back to his car.

It is hard to decribe what it feels like to be riding alongside the river and under the interstate. Riding through the river falls area is so loud you can not hear yourself talk as the water crashes through this section of the canyon. You can “feel” the water hitting the boulders. At one place where I stopped to take pictures the mist was heavy from the crashing waters and the sound drowned out the road noise just above my head. While I 70 and the railroad go through a couple of sets of tunnels, the trail follows the river going through only man made tunnels crossing under the interstate.

It was surprising to find a generating station along the trail. Never saw it when we drove through. Of course, I did not know there was a dam at Hanging Lake either, as I 70 is in a tunnel for that section. The trailhead came up quickly and ended just before Destoro. Took a break and used the vault toilets before heading back. I had lunch at the Hanging Lake rest area and by now there were dozens of folks walking up the trail to the Hanging Lake trail. Looked like they were all getting ready for some serious hiking!

Going back was an easier ride downhill but still just as exhilarating. The pictures do not do justice to the wonder of this trail. It did not seem like 28 miles round trip. I hope you enjoy the pictures and thanks for reading.


Glenwood Canyon

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Silt Colorado – Rifle Falls State Park

We left Salida and traveled to Silt Colorado via US 285 and US 24. The stretch of 24 we were on is known as the Top of the Rockies. We had a wonderful journey through Leadville and the mountains leading down to I 70 east of Glenwood. I think we topped out around 11,200 feet pulling our 40 ft. Montana. The F350 turbo diesel handled it with ease. What a beautiful road. The mountains are simple out of this world. Then the trip through Glenwood canyon was another thing.

The Glenwood Canyon stretch of I 70 is an engineering marvel and the canyon views are spectacular. However, for the driver, this is an intense section of road. There are lots of curves, construction, and accidents (everytime I have been on it there was always an accident). We made it safely to Silt and the Silt/Colorado River KOA.

This campground is new, still under construction, and big! It sits right on the Colorado River and is just across I 70 from Silt. The campground has the largest dog park I have ever seen in an RV park and it is all grass. Scout loves it!

In the local vicinity is Rifle Falls State Park which is very interesting and pretty. Peg and I took Scout and had a great afternoon exploring the falls and hatchery.  The ponds on top of the falls are full of trout and so is the stream flowing away from the falls, so there were fishermen about and Peg saw one big Trout caught. Linked below are pictures of this adventure. Oh by the way, the park really likes dogs. This feature is provided for the likes of Scout! 40215583490_12a9470a33_o

Yes right there in the park – Dogi Pot! Its legal in Colorado.  Scout found this to be delightful and relaxing!41236232564_3b5872a980_o

Sweet dreams little buddy.

Lol. Enjoy the images.


Rifle Falls State Park



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Salida Colorado and Four Seasons RV Park

Salida is our first stop in Colorado. We are surrounded by 14000 feet high Rocky Mountains and camping on the Arkansas River headwaters. Salida is a pretty town located on the banks of the Arkansas River. The river has a kayak run and picturesque views. The downtown walk is interesting and reminded me of some of the small historic towns in Wisconsin, friendly people with a bar or two on every block.

This area has a big winter sky season and summer ATV/hiking/rafting season. Brown Canyon National Monument begins on the outskirts of town and is accessible by ATV and four wheel drive vehicles. Rafting and Kayaking galore. This is a new Monument that is really left in a wild state. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is about 100 miles west. Some of the tallest mountains in the Rocky Mountain Range are easily seen and snow topped this time of year.

At the park, the river was ever changing with people floating down stream, fishing (catch and release only), and wild life galore. Scout and I were surprised by two very big deers right out our door early one morning. Scout and the female deer had a stare down. Scout wisely looked around and led us in the opposite direction. A lot of construction going on in this park, which is good to see because this is a unique little campground with a lot of history and deserves to carry on.

If you are ever in Salida for dinner, stop at Quincy’s Steak and Spirit. This is a local chain that serves only one menu per day. Monday through Thursday it is Fillet Mignon. It is the best! Comes with loaded baked potato and a lettuce wedge for $15! Friday and Saturday are prime rib days. Don’t miss it!

On our walk through of down town we found Floyd’s Barbershop. It brought back memories of Glen and Fred’s Floyd so took a couple of pictures to share. We had a good time in Salida and am sharing some pictures linked below.




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Summer 2018

2018 map

This is the plan for summer 2018. Our goal is to spend about three months in Oregon or thereabouts. Peg and I enjoyed our time in Oregon in 2016 and have thought of returning for a longer visit for some time. In 2016 we were on a march through the Western National Parks for the Centennial and found several places to return to. The trip this year is very relaxed with one week to one month stays for the most part. There are some overnighters like Monument Valley thrown in where it is longer than we like between stays. Overall we will travel 4400 miles.

The map above was generated using a nice trip planning tool closely associated with Rv trip review is the most valuable campground review tool I use, so it was a natural to use rvtripwizard. The trip map was downloaded to Google Map then cut and pasted to this page. The trip is firmed up until we leave Oregon September 25th. After that, I am sure there will be changes. Of course, changes just happen so stay tuned.

The first day out was a long 360 miles north to Monument Valley, Utah. We stayed at Gouldings RV Resort, which is a large destination resort where famous actors like John Wayne stayed while filming in the area. The campground was immaculate, well laid out, clean and secure. Sunrise was absolutely stunning. There are some places you wake up in that are beautiful and worth the journey. Scout and I had a nice walk about in the early morning hours taking a few pictures and enjoying the Iris’s planted everywhere.

MV Utah Gouldings RV Resort

Tuesday was another 360 mile jaunt through the Monument Valley, across southern Colorado and up the San Juan Valley to Salida. The trip was very pretty. The scenery just kept on coming all day. Farms, ranches, open range and small towns. People were on the road already, RV’rs like us (not many!), bicycle groups, and biker groups. Mules shared the road with us as did a cow or two and a few horses. This is open range country and you have to drive with care. This is off season for Salida, in between Ski season and summer Arkansas River rafting, trail riding, and bicycling. While it is early spring with the trees just budding out, we saw several long distance bicyclers riding the roads with their camping gear pedalling up to 7000 feet. I cheered them on from my drivers heated and air conditioned seat in the Bronze Brute listening to classic vinyl cruising along at 60 mph.

From the long range forecast, snow was to be falling yesterday and today. I was really wanting to be in snow again; however, it was rain at our elevation (even at a cool 33 degrees this morning). A new layer was deposited on the mountain tops around us. Maybe I will have better luck in a couple of weeks from now at Pia’s!

The Four Seasons RV Resort is on the Arkansas River just north of Salida. This is an old park under going remodeling. Dog wood trees just blooming, buds are everywhere, and the grass is still brown for the most part. Tomorrow will bring a sunny warm day and we plan to tour the historic downtown and take in other sights.

Until then, thanks for reading!


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Happy 6 Month Birthday Scout

Arf, arf, bark, wag my tail and happy 6 month birthday to me! From this size to me as Flying Scout. Scout12222017


So much to sniff around about. First all my puppy teath are gone, whoopee! The Big Dawg seemed to have a problem with my last two. They were the sharp, needle like canines. Arf arf, could punch a hole in a beer can with those two! The right one punched a hole in the Big Dawgs right arm which caused the Big Dawg to fly into a fit of puppy tooth pulling rage. Oh Jeez, the big deal he made out of a little blood dripping on the sofa, an maybe the floor, some in the water thing maybe. One big yank and the Big Dawg had a trophy tooth! Fooled him though I kept the left puppy canine!! Hah, bark bark and bit him again a couple days later; however, I was on to the tooth pulling thing. Hate to tell you this, but the Big Dawg just can’t keep up with me anymore, arf, arf! All he got was one little pull and off I went. Fooled’em all and swallowed it. Hah, another victory for puppyhood.

The Big Dawg says we are on a summer road trip to Oregon. Seems like this means a lot of being in the Bronze Brute listening to something called Classic Vinyl. Memories of the Bronze Brute, of how they come charging back. Used to be that I could curl up on the center console and get my ears rubbed, now my feet are on the cooler on the back floor with only my head and paws on the console. Yuck. So arfing unconfortable it makes me belch a lot. The Big Dawg thought this was funny until I puked up lunch on Peg. Arf arf and bark attention for you young pups out there, a quick pointer on owner relations. Do not puke on the Big Dawg’s Peg! No don’t do it. Really!!

It is good to be on a road trip out of the desert. The street was getting oh so hot. Tried to stay on the gravel or concrete. Now I have found this stuff called grass! Wow green and cool to the touch and fun to pee on. Our first night on the road trip was at this place called Goulished RV Resort. Great place where I discorvered Iris flowers, love at first sniff. Bark, arf, a real tail wagger, Iris’s every where! Oh yes, met Parker a Golden like me. He is old but likes to play like me. Trolled him by doing everything he did. He was really good to me and I hope to meet a lot of new friends this summer.

Now we have left Monoserment Valley and find ourselves on the Arkansas River in Colorado. So this is how I spent my 6 month birtday. Rode in the Bronze Brute for 8 hours fighting for my console space, walking around the park when we got here, then spending two hours alone while the Big Dawg and Peg went to a steak place for dinner. Must have been a nice celebration ’cause I got a couple of pieces of bacon! Real bacon. What a day, think it is time to stop counting these birthday’s….

Another great discovery today was rain! Never new water came down like this! What fun! The Big Dawg says sometimes rain freezes into to snow on the way down from the clouds. The Big Dawg seems real disappointed ’cause this rain was supposed to be snow. Oh well, I guess. He has to understand there is snow all around to look at, does it really need to snow on us?

Nap time!



Waking up is just so much more beautiful in some places than others


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