Scout – Golden Retriever



Hello my name is Scout. I was born 10/31/2017 of Saint Beckett (dad) and J’s Clairese Girl (mom). My color is creme and I should be a big boy, already weighing in a 12.6 pounds! Please forgive any spelling or grammatical errors as the big dog is typing for me, because really I am only 8 weeks old! Should be on the key board in a couple of weeks, right after I learn to not potty in the house. Lucky me, I have a crate inside with plenty of toys and a pen outside to run in.

So far I have met the Dumblauskas’s and the Carters (Grandmother Carter is my favorite) and way too many people here where I live. I have met some dogs too, but I guess I can not meet a bunch due to the Parvo virus that is in peak season here in Arizona even though I am getting shots for it. Speaking of shots, I love my vet Dr. Z at Caring Critters and can hardly wait to go back next week.

Ah well it is nap time. I take a lot of naps. So I am laying down now. The big dog took pictures at Christmas time and the link is below. See you later!


Scout at Christmas

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