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Bicycling is a favorite sport and pass time for me. The Tour de France, La Vuelta (Spain’s Tour de France – which this year was outstanding and much better than the tour I encourage any enthusiast to watch the full replay on NBC Sports Gold), Paris-Roubais, and all the early season races. For many years, I have enjoyed riding bicycles for fun and exercise. In recent years, I have ridden a FUJI comfort bike (excellent comfort bike) which I retired and moved up to a Trek Navigator 3.0 and now have upgraded substantially to a Trek Domane ALR Disc 5.

These upgrades have come for two primary reasons. One is technology, the Fuji had a front suspension and comfort seat combined with a SRAM low end groupset, the Navigator 3.0 upgraded to wider tires, front and rear suspension combined with a Shimano groupset. Now the Domane is constructed with front and rear suspension decouplers, hydraulic disc brakes,  28c tires on tubeless rims, Shimano 105 groupset, and is constructed with an advance aluminum frame with composite components weighting 21 lbs. The other is that living the retired full-time RV life yields more time to enjoy riding the bike and I have been taking advantage of that!

My recent rides beginning on the Domane have been in the subdivison in Dyer, IN that where we are spending some time while our RV is repaired (a sad story). Laps here are on an outer loop of streets including the church parking lot that has a rolling hill profile of about 1.7 miles. I generally ride for an hour at approximately 13 mph which burns 1200 calories or so and has introduced me to all the other neighbors out enjoying the morning. I have taken one road trip down Hart to 93rd to somewhere way out in Schereville and back exporing the area and covering 23.99 miles. The link to the log is above and I intend to update it often. The link to Trek is above and I am open to any suggestions for additional links.

Enjoy a ride today!







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